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What a Wonderful World

We believe There is Magic in this World!
We want everyone to Discover it, one Story at a time!

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“Snapimals is the Pokémon Game the Rest of Us Have Been Waiting For - it oozes with charm. It’s a simply feel good game, built with a lot of heart, and has already stolen ours” - Gamezebo

“You’ll have a blast capturing nature’s silly side in this fun photographic romp. Delightfully whimsical, this one is achingly cute and honestly fun” – Apple Editorial
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Super Smash Bro’s for mobile! Cross-Platform, Real-time Multiplayer Action Arcade Fun with dynamic touch controls!

Modes(1vs1, 4P, 6P, TvT): Deathmatch | Last Man Standing | Capture the Flag | Hot Potato
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“With incredible art, animations, innovative gameplay and a relaxing soundtrack, kids and adults alike are sure to love the heartwarming cast of dinosaurs such as the mighty T-Rex and the mischievous Raptor!”

“You'll have a blast capturing nature's prehistoric silly side in this fun photographic romp. Engage in a delightfully whimsical way to explore the importance of conservation!” - Apple Editorial Board


We are an artful crew of passionate individuals

Savvy, Sincere, like-minded people with a creative flair and determined to make history

CEO & Co-Founder
CTO & Co-Founder
Lead Engineer & Co-Founding Member
Gameplay Engineer
Sr. Unity 3D Performance Engineer
Gameplay Engineer
Director of Art
UX Artist & Animator in Chief
Game Artist extraordinaire
Game Design & QA
Game & Systems Designer

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